REGUPOL rubber flooring


Complementing your vision

First impressions are vital for your commercial spaces. Our REGUPOL everroll floors can just as easily be installed in foyers and reception areas as in the office and walkways. They are comfortable underfoot, slip-resistant, highly robust, and long-lasting even in heavily frequented areas.


Commercial Areas

First impressions are vital for your commercial spaces.


Educational Areas

Students want to feel comfortable and at ease in your learning areas.


Retail Areas

Put your customers on the best footing.


Childcare Areas

The elasticity of our floor system noticeably protects your children.


Application Brochure

The flooring solutions for commercial facilities


Green from the floor up

Here is a collection of flooring products that satisfies the rudimentary concerns of function and form. Such attributes are not unexpected when you consider our German origins. At the same time, they deliver on sustainability, incorporating high quality post-consumer and pre-consumer materials. This helps open the door to green building design briefs which may be out of reach to lesser products.

So if you're looking for flooring for your commercial space, you've come to the right place because whatever you need:

We've got it covered.


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